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Claiming a dragon is as easy as a single touch, but claiming his heart is another matter entirely.

The tribes have been dying beneath the desert sun for as long as they can remember. With fewer and fewer males birthed, there is little hope of survival. Humanity is doomed.

The yearly blooming is a season of fertility and new life—and the time when the males choose new brides. But Elliya has no desire to become another wife amongst many to a spoiled man. She longs for more. She longs for love.

When the Red Star appears in the sky on the night she is to be chosen, Elliya knows it is her chance to make her own choice. She ventures out beneath the blood moon to prove the old legends true—to claim a dragon as her mate. But even if she can forge the legendary bond with her dragon, can she win the most important prize of all?

Can she conquer the dragon’s heart?


Her scent lured a dragon, yet it is her heart he wants to claim.

In a single night of terror, everything Leyloni knows and loves is destroyed—her home left in flames, her friends and family dead, her way of life erased. She flees with the only other survivor, a baby named Serek. In a world where males are rarely born, Serek is precious beyond measure, and Leyloni must put aside her grief and pain to take him somewhere safe.

The only sanctuary she knows of is a friendly village on the far side of the Endless Forest.

It is a harrowing journey for a huntress to make on her own, more so with a babe. But Leyloni soon realizes she is not alone—she is being stalked by something far more dangerous than any raiders.

The beast is massive with a scaled hide, wicked claws, and sharp teeth. His eyes are like violet lightning, his roar like thunder.

He is a dragon.

And he intends to make her his.

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Series Content Warnings: Non-human anatomy, sexual content, pregnancy, sexual assault, violence, death.
To Tame a Dragon: Dub-con/Non-Con, threatened choking.
To Love a Dragon: Memory of mass murder, mentions of cannibalism.

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