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The secluded forest cabin was meant to give Sophie a place to hide, to heal, and to be safe.

But from the moment she arrives, she’s not alone. She glimpses dark shapes from the corner of her eye, feels phantom touches, and her dreams are filled with seductive shadows. What she first mistakes for delusions of her traumatized mind soon prove to be so much more…

An ancient, mysterious, dangerous entity lurks in the woods—and it wants Sophie.

Content Warnings: Non-human anatomy, sexual content, pregnancy/breeding kink, sexual assault, domestic abuse, panic attacks, PTSD, violence, gun violence, panic attacks, animal cruelty/death (not by hero or heroine), death.


A cursed goblin sorcerer. The human female he’s waited an eternity for. A secret that could tear them apart.


A quaint cottage in a Scottish forest seemed the perfect place for Kinsley to start anew. But when a tragic accident leaves her isolated and dying, her new life is over before ever beginning.


Until a dark, mysterious being emerges from the night gloom and offers to save her—for a price.


With no other choice but death, she accepts. She awakens to find herself bound to an ancient, powerful goblin who is equally terrifying and intriguing. He’s terse, demanding, brooding.


Despite that, Kinsley is drawn to him, captivated by his sinful crimson eyes, craving his every wicked touch.


But what will happen when he discovers the truth? What will happen when he learns that Kinsley cannot fulfill their pact?


What will happen if she lets this goblin claim her heart along with her freedom?

Content Warnings: Non-human anatomy, sexual content, pregnancy, sexual assault, reference to past miscarriages, divorce, abandonment, car accident, blood, references to past slavery and rape, forced separation, violence, primal play, depression.

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