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Yearning For Her Cover Low Def.jpg


A wicked incubus. A curvy, delectable human female. One night of passion that changes everything.

Willow Crowley’s world comes crashing down when she discovers her boyfriend has been seeing another woman. The dream she’d held of a life with him is shattered in an instant, leaving her alone with nothing except heartache.

She vows to never open herself to that hurt again…

Until a seductive, otherworldly stranger with white hair, piercings, and icy blue eyes promises her a single night of pleasure. No strings attached.

But that night isn’t enough for him. He wants more, more than she’s ready to give. How can she trust him n
ot to break her heart when he isn’t even human?

Kian has lived promiscuously for four hundred years, feeding on the desire of the humans he and the fae considered prey. But when he locks eyes with a purple-haired female, something inside him shifts irrevocably.

No one else can sate his hunger.

He wants her.
Needs her.
Yearns for her.

Yet she refuses to submit to the carnal delights he promises. She wants more. She wants…love.
Can he mend her broken heart? Can he love a mortal woman?

Content Warnings: Sexual content, manipulation/compulsion (not from hero), dubcon, sexual assault (kissing/touching), violence, blood, cheating (not from hero/heroine), other woman kisses and touches hero but he doesn’t like it, anal play, reference of fatphobia, emotional abuse (not from hero), reference to parental neglect, reference to childhood sexual assault, decapitation, death.


He’s deadly, seductive, and completely unhinged. He’s also her only chance of escape.

Alice knows Wonderland is just a virtual world operated inside an asylum to which she’s been wrongfully committed, but she can’t find her way out—can’t find her way back to the life she lived before she woke beneath titanic trees and towering flowers. With the terrifying Red King searching for her and chaos all around, her only hope of escape lies in Shadow, a tall, mysterious being with glowing eyes, sharp claws, and a haunting grin who may be the maddest of them all.

But even if Wonderland isn’t real, her growing feelings for Shadow—and his desire for her—are. Can Alice and Shadow escape Wonderland together, or will she succumb to the madness like everyone else?

Content Warnings: Non-human anatomy, sexual content, sexual assault, confinement, violence, mental illness, PTSD, institutionalization, drug & alcohol use, death.

Escaping Wonderland Ebook Web.jpg
Dustwalker Cover Low Def.jpg


A robot searching for purpose. A woman who brings him to life. Can they learn to love in a broken world?

With his core programming lost to time, Ronin has wandered the Dust for nearly two centuries. Out in that unforgiving wasteland, his armored undercasing, advanced optics, and amped-up processors give him an advantage over other scavengers. He’s resigned himself to this unending trek until one night—until one human—makes him question everything.


Lara Brooks and her sister have spent their lives struggling to survive under the tyrannical rule of Cheyenne’s robotic master, Warlord. But when her sister goes missing, Lara has no one to turn to, no one willing to help her. She’s utterly alone. Her only hope comes from a bot she catches spying on her.


Ronin agrees to protect Lara and find her sister. All she must do in return is dance for him.


The transaction should be simple. Lara’s danced for bots before. Yet the more time they spend together, the harder it becomes for her to see him as nothing but a collection of circuits and machinery.


And Ronin soon finds it difficult to deny what shouldn’t be possible…


She makes him feel.


But if Ronin defies Cheyenne’s rules to pursue his growing desires, he risks exposing Lara to a danger far greater than any found in the unforgiving wasteland—Warlord’s wrath.

Content Warnings: Robotic anatomy, sexual content, sexual assault, mention of pregnancy, PTSD, violence, death of child (not the main character’s), death.


An otherworldly warrior desperate to escape Earth. A curvy human female who’s his only hope—and his deepest desire.

After losing her job, apartment, and boyfriend in one afternoon, Zoey doesn’t think things can get any worse. Then an uninvited passenger—green, four-armed, and sexy as sin—proves her wrong by dragging her into his frantic escape. Helping Rendash is the right thing to do, but it means becoming a fugitive and risking the only things she has left—her life, and her heart.

Weakened by years of captivity and torture, Rendash, an elite aligarii warrior, seizes his only opportunity for freedom. Alone in an alien wasteland, he seeks the aid of a human, one of the very species that imprisoned him. But he finds himself inexplicably drawn to Zoey, and his need to protect her soon wars with his mission to return to his homeworld.

With a shadowy government agency pursuing them, Zoey and Rendash must race across the country before he is recaptured, and she is thrown in a dark cell as a traitor to her kind. But their greatest obstacle may be the most unlikely—their insatiable attraction to one another.

Content Warnings: Non-human anatomy, sexual content, pregnancy, fatphobia, sexual assault, violence, death.

Claimed by the alien Ebook Low Def.jpg
The Warlocks Kiss Cover Low Def.jpg


The Sundering killed millions and filled the world with supernatural monsters. It took nearly everything from Adalynn—her dreams, her home, her parents, and her chance of beating her terminal cancer—but it didn’t take her little brother, Danny. She’s come to terms with her inescapable fate, and she’ll do everything she can to ensure her brother has a chance of survival in this new, unforgiving world.

When Danny and Adalynn discover a rundown mansion in the middle of nowhere, it seems like the perfect place for him to stay, but the mansion’s owner—a tall, mysterious, intense man who exudes a strangely thrilling energy—complicates matters. Though Adalynn doesn’t want to leave another person devastated when she’s gone, Merrick has other plans for her—and he makes it clear he will keep her, no matter what price he must pay to make it so.

Content Warnings: Sexual content, sexual assault, violence, cancer, death.


Anna knows the loss and pain that can be wrought by winter’s harshness intimately. For years, she’s isolated herself, refusing the let go of the guilt that consumes her – until the winds of a blizzard bring a stranger to her door. With his compelling tales and heated kisses, Anna fears she hasn’t only opened her home to him, but also her heart.

Content Warnings: Sexual content, loss of child, death, grief.

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