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He met his destined mate too soon.

Bold, kind, and adventurous, Kiara was everything Volcair needed in his stiff, formal life. Along with his pet inux, Cypher, the three were inseparable during Volcair’s years on Earth. But the same winds of fate that brought them together as children tore them apart again. With half a universe separating them, years sped by, and Kiara seemed lost to him forever. Angry and bitter, he threw himself into military service for the Entris Dominion, seeking escape from the pain of loss.

When chance brings them together again nearly two decades later, Volcair finds that his feelings for Kiara have only grown—he needs her. Have they been granted a second chance, or has time opened a rift between them that cannot be crossed?


He’s an alien assassin who has never known a female’s touch—until hers.

Abella hasn’t allowed four years of slavery to break her spirit, but after numerous failed escape attempts, the chances of making it home to her family seem bleak. That is until she shares a passionate, forbidden dance with a silent stranger. His piercing silvery eyes haunt her with a taste of hope.

Intense, mysterious, and deadly, Tenthil may be the key to Abella’s freedom. But as she finds herself increasingly drawn to him, she realizes the truth—Tenthil has no intention of taking her home.

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Shielded Heart Low Def.jpg


Arthos, the Infinite City, is a place of alien wonders and indescribable beauty—and, most importantly for Samantha, it’s also halfway across the universe from her abusive ex-fiancé. She came to the city desperate for a fresh start, but she finds herself downtrodden on a world of aloof alien beings with little hope of finding her place—and a good chance of being kidnapped or killed before she can even settle in.

At least until she is saved by an irresistible alien with piercing eyes and a seductive smile.

Alkorin is the living embodiment of temptation, and he makes no effort to disguise his desire for her. But when his past threatens to drag her into a dangerous underworld, she discovers he isn’t who he claims to be. After enduring so much suffering, can she bear to take a leap of faith with this mysterious alien? Can she trust him with not only her life, but her heart?


When his mate is threatened, nothing burns hotter than his wrath.

Against all odds, Arcanthus found Samantha, his beautiful, sweet terran mate. His fated one. Her love shattered the barriers around his heart.

After defeating a ghost from his past, Arc thinks he and Samantha are safe to move on with their lives. But she has a past of her own, and it refuses to let her go.

He nearly lost her once. He will not take that chance again.

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Untamed Hunger Cover LowDef.jpg


She’s one human in an infinite city—and he will not stop until he possesses her.

It should have been an easy job—deliver the ID chip, get paid, and get out. But when Drakkal sees a beautiful human in his client’s private zoo and instantly recognizes her as his mate, the situation gets complicated. The motto he’s long lived by—don’t be stupid—is cast aside as the beast in his demands he take his female and make her his no matter what he must do. And when she runs from him, the hunt is on.

After being impregnated by her dirtbag ex-boyfriend, abducted, and sold to be a breeder in a rich alien’s basement menagerie, Shay has to admit things aren’t looking great. But she’s determined to give her unborn child a decent life. Her first opportunity appears in the form of a gruff but sanely attractive azhera who forced Shay’s owner to sell her to him. Refusing to trade one alien master for another, she escapes him at her first chance. Yet Shay can’t forget the intense azhera and his heated start—and soon realizes that he’s not going to forget her, either.

But Shay’s former owner also remembers, and he’s determined to retrieve his prized possession—and have his revenge on the azhera who took her.


He’s violent, volatile, and loves a good fight. She’s small and sweet—and everything he craves. But can he make her his without hurting her?

Thargen wanders the sprawling Undercity streets with one goal—a drink. Well, maybe a few drinks and a good old-fashioned bar fight to let off some steam. But the moment he sees Yuri working behind the bar, he’s overwhelmed by a new desire—her.

Yuri is his opposite in so many ways—delicate, soft, beautiful—and he knows the primal, uncontrollable rage in his heart makes it too dangerous for him to have her. But he wants her. He needs her.

And when an unexpected series of events sees them stranded on a hostile, unknown planet together, it becomes almost impossible for him to resist her. Lost on a mountainside teeming with ravenous skeks, Thargen must rely upon his survival skills and the ferocity burning at his core to protect Yuri until they can get back home.

But who will protect her from him?

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Tethered Souls Low Def.jpg


Kier and Kayl only foresee one fate for themselves.

For Kier is wrath.

And Kayl is vengeance.

They have but one purpose—slay the pirate Vrykhan at any cost. They expect to give their own lives in pursuit of their revenge…

But they never expected her. Aileen.

Their na’diya. Their mate.

Their missing piece.

They never imagined a different fate. Is it too late to claim the future they never dared hope for?


Series Content Warnings: Non-human anatomy, sexual content, sexual assault, PTSD, death, trafficking, kidnapping, violence, slavery.
Silent Lucidity: Hero touches heroine while she is unconscious, cult, mentions of torture, mating bite, pregnancy.
Shielded Heart: History of domestic violence, depression, reference to sexual assault, reference to torture and dismemberment, tail play.
Vengeful Heart: Mentions of trafficking and kidnapping, domestic violence/abuse, torture, blood, death, pregnancy.
Untamed Hunger: Pregnancy, childbirth, child kidnapping, mating bite, hero drinks breast milk.
Savage Desire: Abduction, imprisonment.
Tethered Souls: M/F/M ménage (nothing sexual between the twins), forced drug use, reference to rape, reference of past childhood rape, reference to murder, tail play, double penetration.

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